TVV lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy


TVV lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy’s (LMJ) main task is to provide high-quality and cost-efficient services relating to the organisation of public transport. It aims to offer customers a functional and innovative comprehensive public transport service. 

LMJ’s tasks also currently include: 

  • Maintaining the current Waltti ticketing and payment system 
  • Developing mobile services and an account-based ticketing system  
  • Traffic management and information system services 
  • Contactless payment solutions and customer relationship development 
  • Customer relationship development 

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Transtech Oy

Finnish rolling stock and mechanical engineering expertise


Transtech Ltd is a leading European manufacturer of double deck rolling stock and an important contract manufacturer of demanding engineering workshop products. The company's office is located in Oulu and works in Otanmäki, Finland. Transtech Oy is a member of Škoda Transportation Group.

More information at the company's own tämän linkin kautta.



Traficon Ltd - a consultancy specialised in traffic planning.


Starting from traditional traffic planning we have developed our skills especially in the fields of traffic management, traffic control and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Traffic signals and public transport priorities in signal controlled junctions, road tolling concepts and solutions, road traffic management systems, and road tunnel safety studies are examples of the areas of expertise in which we are among the leading consultancy companies in Finland. 

When carrying out our assignments we make use of our experience gained during decades and the special know-how accumulated over the years combined with new innovations – those are the keys to success in our tasks.

ADA Drive Oy

ADADrive has developed a new type of ecosystem that connects vehicles, commercial services and government transactions. 


Vehicle digital transaction account ( is a network of information relating to the vehicle, and operations management. Through the service consumer can book periodic maintenance, as well as look at the vehicle maintenance history and technical Trafi information. For maintenance organizations ADA service provides an easy interface to the service station operations management and monitoring.

ADA service has been developed to solve the problems in the automotive sector: increased competition, low profitability and the increase in costs. The service is responsible for the major challenges: rising consumer standards and the requirements of better customer service and pricing transparency.


Teconer Oy

Teconer Oy


Teconer develops, produces and markets environmental sensor technologies and industrial process measurements. We have over 30 years of experience in sophisticated sensor and optical measurement technology.



Teconer Oy
Kaupintie 5
00440 Helsinki Finland

+358 10 583 0020

Taipale Telematics Oy

Taipale Telematics is a Tampere-based company specialised in data collection, analysis and reporting.


We provide equipment and services which assist drivers in real time, monitor the use of the vehicle and support the driver's driving style. Our products, such as the driving management system SENSIOR™, improve safety in traffic and decrease traffic costs and environmental hazards. We operate in an extremely professional manner and our results are impressive.

Through close and customer-oriented collaboration, we have been able to assist many high-profile companies enhance the management of their driving. Our partners include Pohjola A-vakuutus, Vianor, L&T, Neste Oil, Veolia Transport Finland, Veolia Germany, Itella, Länsilinjat and EULEX Kosovo. Trust is created through results. Results are created through action.

Phone: 010 3244 950

Swarco Finland

Swarco Finland Oy


The Better Way. Every Day.


You encounter us every day on the roads of our planet. Our products, systems, services and turnkey solutions make travel safe and convenient for people on the move. In the spirit of SWARCO founder Manfred Swarovski we pride ourselves in being agile, innovative, reliable and trustworthy; and will not hesitate to go the extra mile for you.


The traffic technology group SWARCO – headquartered in Wattens near Innsbruck, Austria – has an international network of production facilities, offices, and partners across the globe. Together, we offer one of the most complete solution portfolios for road marking, signage, urban traffic management, parking, highway and tunnel management, public transport, and street lighting. We connect vehicles with the road infrastructure, help in setting up charging infrastructure to boost electro-mobility, and offer modular and holistic solutions that support tomorrow’s mobility and make our communities more livable.


SWARCO’s 5,300 transportation experts look forward to collaborating with you

to craft a solution to meet your individual requirements.

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The Finnish Taxi Owners´ Federation

The Finnish Taxi Owners´ Federation (Taksiliitto)

Taksiliitto is promoting equal operating conditions for taxi license holders throughout Finland.

The Finnish Motorcyclists

The Finnish Motorcyclists (SMOTO).


The Finnish Motorcyclists (reg.ass.) (SMOTO) was established in 1989. SMOTO is a joint cooperation organisation of motorcyclist, motorcycle clubs and associations. The main objective and purpose of SMOTO is to monitor and advance the rights of the Finnish motorcyclists. 

You can visit our Finnish website at

Source Cretive Oy

Marketing communications company Source &  Kitchen creates communications for the digital age. 


We find compelling angles and ways to tell your story. We create communications, content and videos for social media, TV, print media and practically all digital channels and provide marketing communications services. Graphic design and digital solutions are a big part of what we do at Source. We also design service concepts and provide media services for several events.

Our clients include organisations of all sizes from private listed companies to public services and start-ups. Thanks to our strategic planning services, in-house creative team and video production services we can provide all-inclusive solutions. 

We are driven and passionate about communications and stories. What's your story?