WSP is one of the world's leading professional services consulting firms. We are dedicated to our local communities and propelled by international brainpower. We design lasting solutions in the Transportation & Infrastructure, Property & Buildings, Environment, Power & Energy, Resources and Industry sectors, as well as offering strategic advisory services. With approximately 54.000 talented people globally, we engineer projects that will help societies grow for lifetimes to come.

WSP Finland has strong and diverse expertise on sustainable and smart transport and city planning. In collaboration, we help our clients reach their goals and create more livable, healthy and attractive environments. Our aim is to continuously improve the mobility solutions for everyday life of people and for businesses.


ŠKODA offers a wide selection of cars as well as a nationwide network of full-service dealerships and ŠKODA-brand service stations. The future is shaped by smart and innovative transport solutions as well as responsibility and sustainable development.

ŠKODA is known for its wide range of cars that offers models and power options to suit the wishes and needs of every customer: all-electric cars, hybrids, gas cars, and petrol and diesel cars.

Helkama-Auto Oy is the importer of Škoda cars, spare parts and accessories in Finland. Customers are served by a nationwide network of Škoda dealers and service points.

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Scouter Mobility

Scouter Mobility Oy is a Finnish company focusing on designing and manufacturing lightweight vehicles.

The company brings to a market place a Finnish innovation – Scouter. The vehicle is zero emission, safe, fun and active. As a two-seater e-bike with a large cargo space it offers similar capabilities to a car to users not having a driving license.

 Scouter is an extremely distinctive advertisement platform. For promotion purposes, it offers unique means to attract and influence people on the streets.

Scouter is designed to be used as a shared vehicle, like in cities, companies, campus areas, ports, airports, holiday resorts, etc.


Finnish Car Recycling Ltd

Finnish Car Recycling Ltd is a so-called producer association, which coordinates the collection, treatment and recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in accordance with the requirements laid down in the ELV Directive and recycling of electric vehicle traction batteries.

Eurajoen Romu, Kajaanin Romu, Kuusakoski and Stena Recycling operate as recycling operators of end-of-life vehicles. They maintain the network of Finnish Car Recycling’s take-back points. There are over 280 take-back points in Finland.

There are three operators in the recycling system that are responsible for handling and recycling of traction batteries: Fortum Waste Solutions Oy, Kuusakoski Oy and Stena Recycling Oy.

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K-Auto Oy

K-Auto Oy


K-Auto Oy imports and markets Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, CUPRA and Porsche passenger cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Finland, and SEAT cars in Estonia and Latvia.

K Auto Oy also imports MAN trucks, MAN TGE vans and MAN and Neoplan buses into Finland. K-Auto also develops car-related multichannel services and is responsible for the electric vehicle charging network K-Charge.



YTL - Yhteinen toimialaliitto

YTL is part of the Finnish standardization field, responsible for national (SFS), European (CEN) and global (ISO) standardization at following areas - Intelligent transport systems (ITS), Data communication for vehicle applications, Safety and cybersecurity for automated road vehicles, Functional safety, Test scenarios of automated driving systems.

More specifically - Standardization of information, communication and control systems in the field of urban and rural surface transportation, including intermodal and multimodal aspects thereof, traveller information, traffic management, public transport, commercial transport, emergency services and commercial services in the intelligent transport systems (ITS) field.



YSP Oy is a Finnish expert company specializing in intelligent mobility and different kinds of smart control systems.

We are part of Dynniq, an international corporation that is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of smart mobility solutions. The most important values of the company are innovativeness, environmental friendliness, proactivity and safety. We utilise the broad expertise and experience of the whole Dynniq Group to benefit our customers.   

Our company has over 30 years of experience supplying integrated high-quality technical solutions, both at home and abroad. YSP has delivered over 100 intelligent transport systems for motorways, tunnels, bridges, border checkpoints and parking. For all the time it has operated, the YSP name has been associated with reliability, high-level expertise and customer orientation, proof of which is our long and close relationships with customers and other stakeholders in the field. 

Extensive experience, skilled staff and large scale projects executed for different sectors all ensure the success of even challenging deliveries. With comprehensive expertise in the fields of automation, electricity and ICT, and close cooperation, we are able to offer solutions that take the distinct features of the different parts of the customer’s system into account and have guaranteed compatibility. In the field of ICT, we have extensive experience of supplying customer-specific tailored solutions as well as of demanding planning, consultancy and implementation work for telecommunication networks. 

We are also able to meet the challenges of the entire life cycle by offering services from pre-planning to device deliveries and maintenance. 

The quality of our operations is assured by our ISO 9001:2008 -certified quality system. YSP is a member of SKOL, the Finnish Association of Consulting Firms. 

YSP employs 28 dedicated professions and Dynniq Group have 1800 employees working worldwide.

Virebit Oy

Founded 2009, Virebit Oy is a consulting agency which helps companies and communities to create sustainable success.  


The company is owned by three consults who are also engaged with the operations of the company. Virebits area of expertice are developement projects, which include subjects of technology, business and sustainability. Virebit has been included in MaaS, ITS, and development of electric mobility with Tekes and Finpro.  

Virebit – towards sustainable success!  






Vinka is a company focused on the digitalization of transportation. Vinka produces tools for combining journeys and controlling vehicles, and it has created new tools for optimization of cargo transportation, which can be used by companies of all sizes due to their scaling prices and easy usability. Vinka’s team has total of more than 90 years of expertice of the business.  


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Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement.


Building on 75 years of experience, Vaisala contributes to a better quality of life by providing a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services for chosen weather-related and industrial markets. The company serves customers in over 150 countries annually. 

Headquartered in Finland, the Group employs nearly 1,400 professionals worldwide. The company has offices and operations in Finland, United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, India, China, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and Australia

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