The Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre

The Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre is a cooperation body of Finnish motor insurers.


The role of the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre is to: 

  • act as a coordinating and consultative body for its member companies,
  • grant motor liability insurance policies to cover foreign vehicles,
  • maintain international contacts,
  • settle claims for accidents caused by vehicles which are unidentified, uninsured, foreign or covered by vehicle-in-transit insurance, and claims for reindeer injuries caused by vehicles,
  • collect penalty premiums for uninsured vehicles,
  • issue instructions promoting insurance business,
  • make risk premium calculations,
  • work for road safety (VALT)
  • compile claims statistics from all motor insurers and
  • issue guidelines harmonizing claims handling.

You can read more about our work via this link.


Liikenneturva - Finnish Road Safety Council - is an influencer on values, attitudes, and traffic behaviour of Finnish citizens as well as a contributor to greater traffic safety awareness and respect for safety in society.

Liikenneturva is a national central organisation for volunteer traffic safety work. It has 58 member communities. It employs 45 persons and has 12 district offices around the country.


Sitratie 7, 00420 Helsinki
Puh. 020 7282 300

Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is one of the northernmost universities in Europe.


In developing smarter mobility, we have been a part of prototyping and testing parts of various concepts which have later become new products and service innovations.

In ITS, our university's technology knowledge is specialized in fullstack IoT-solutions, measuring, and 3D-simulations. Digital twins are one of the new key points in our university, while understanding the laws of digital ecosystems. Smart maintenance of roads if also one of our key points. We offer local support and strong know-how on technology and business in developing smarter transportation, both locally and globally.




Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu
Jokiväylä 11C
96300 Rovaniemi


+358 20 798 6000

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) educates, researches, develops, and provides services for people and companies.


Xamk – is an institute of higher education which focuses on wellbeing, technology and creative industries. We provide education in eight fields of study, participate in research and development and provide services to the businesses and residents of the area. There are campuses in four towns: Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna.

International cooperation is an important part of our profile, with more than 350 partner educational institutions around the globe. We have 9400 students, and 750 employees.



Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu
PL 68 (Patteristonkatu 3 D)
50101 Mikkeli

puh. 040 655 0555

JAMK University of Applied Sciences

JAMK University of Applied Sciences is international institution, with more than 8000 students and 700 staff members.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences is an international higher education institution with expertise in 8 different fields of study. At JAMK, international cooperation is highly valued and internationalisation is actively supported in all of our operations. It is also one core track in our strategy in addition to quality of learning and entrepreneurship. One of our strategic goals is to be "the best university of applied sciences in Finland in internationalising its operational environment". 

Contact information:

JAMK University of Applied Sciences
PL 207
40101 Jyväskylä

Phone +358 20 743 8100
Fax +358 14 449 9694

The regional council of Häme

The regional council of Häme is a service organization that participates in democratic decision-making. It gathers and processes different regional development perspectives, and evaluates their implementation feasibility.


The regional council of Häme 

  • leads the work for regional developement
  • is responsible of region planning
  • advocates for the economic life of the county
  • improves the collaboration between its municipalities and works together with other counties
  • takes care of international connections and matters assigned to it
  • provides researches, plans and reports


Contact information:

Niittykatu 5
13100 Hämeenlinna

HAMK University of Applied Sciences

HAMK is the only University of Applied Sciences in Finland that is specialized in Traffic Planning and sees the potential of Intelligent Traffic as an integral part in modern traffic planning and management.


Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK provides education both for full-time and part-time students as well as conducts research and development projects in applied sciences.

There are 7200 students, 750 members of staff and 30 degree programmes in total at HAMK. At HAMK you can take a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree either through full-time or part-time studies for students with career or family commitments. The Degree Programme in Traffic Management is conducted in Riihimäki. There are approximately 200 students of Traffic Management at the Riihimäki Campus.

HAMK is a member of FUAS – the Federation of Universities of Applied Sciences, which is a strategic alliance formed by Häme University of Applied Sciences, Lahti University of Applied Sciences and Laurea University of Applied Sciences. 

More information available in our website.

Helsinki Business Hub

Helsinki Business Hub


Helsinki Business Hub is the international trade and investment promotion agency for the Finnish capital region. We help foreign companies to set-up their business, grow and develop in Greater Helsinki, which offers key business opportunities in several fields. Our mission is to make Helsinki the best place to grow successful companies in Europe.

Mechelininkatu 1 a, 00180 Helsinki Finland

More information and contacts via this link.


Ficonic Solutions

Ficonic Solutions developes products for automotive and intelligent traffic, as well as offers software development services for its customers. 


We have developed various connectivity solutions and road maintenance systems for our customers. One of our own products ‘Carrio’ aims to become the best infotainment system for existing cars. Running on smartphones and utilizing artificial intelligence, Carrio makes driving more safe and more fun.

Carrio includes e.g. HERE Location Platform ® and several media services. It also utilizes Digiroad and Digitraffic as well as weather services to provide valuable information about driving conditions to the users. These functions also provide the input for Carrio’s AI, the ‘Co-Driver’.  

Our clientele consists of large global companies as well as local innovative companies.
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CaaS Nordic

CaaS Nordic is a nonprofit association. The purpose of the association is to promote the emergence of an international logistics conglomerate in the Baltic Sea region, focusing in the East-West supply chain and in freight transport


The new CaaS Nordic ry also promotes regional Corridor as a Service (CaaS) -knowledge, and international collaboration. The association also helps finding new innovations which utilize the developement of digital services, and intenational standards.

In the new association research, state officials, cities, logistic buyers, and service providers are all represented. With the network between public and private sector, a multimodal logistics data exchange is created to serve all databases. This distribution of information adapts data sources compatible, taking the needs of both public and private systems into account.

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