YTL - Yhteinen toimialaliitto

YTL is part of the Finnish standardization field, responsible for national (SFS), European (CEN) and global (ISO) standardization at following areas - Intelligent transport systems (ITS), Data communication for vehicle applications, Safety and cybersecurity for automated road vehicles, Functional safety, Test scenarios of automated driving systems.

More specifically - Standardization of information, communication and control systems in the field of urban and rural surface transportation, including intermodal and multimodal aspects thereof, traveller information, traffic management, public transport, commercial transport, emergency services and commercial services in the intelligent transport systems (ITS) field.



Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement.


Building on 75 years of experience, Vaisala contributes to a better quality of life by providing a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services for chosen weather-related and industrial markets. The company serves customers in over 150 countries annually. 

Headquartered in Finland, the Group employs nearly 1,400 professionals worldwide. The company has offices and operations in Finland, United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, India, China, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and Australia

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UAR Finland

UAR Finland Ltd – for improved road safety.  


Our goal is to offer facilities for inspiring and safe driving experience to drivers of all ages. We encourage people to learn more today, so they will drive more safely, taking the environmental aspects into account. We are closely following the trends in traffic safety and technology and eager to implement supporting applications. Since 1993, more than 400 000 customers have received the training experience, supervised by our highly skilled instructors.

You can read more about us in our website.



TTS Work Efficiency

TTS Work Efficiency Institute is a nationwide development, training and research organisation.


Annually over 100 research and development projects are being carried out and around 10,000 students are being trained in various technical professions. Transport and logistics is our most important field of training.

We work in active cooperation with the companies to meet the requirements of today's business life. We apply versatile learning environments, including being the first in Europe to introduce simulators in passenger and material logistics training. We use the simulators as a research tool in projects for developing solutions for smart mobility for heavy transport.

Together with the above mentioned our research and development activities are focussed on working methods, work safety and functionality. Our research and development work is highly practice oriented and user-centred. TTS is an active partner in international cooperation. TTS has 230 employees and a head office is Rajamäki in Nurmijärvi municipality. 

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Traficon Ltd - a consultancy specialised in traffic planning.


Starting from traditional traffic planning we have developed our skills especially in the fields of traffic management, traffic control and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Traffic signals and public transport priorities in signal controlled junctions, road tolling concepts and solutions, road traffic management systems, and road tunnel safety studies are examples of the areas of expertise in which we are among the leading consultancy companies in Finland. 

When carrying out our assignments we make use of our experience gained during decades and the special know-how accumulated over the years combined with new innovations – those are the keys to success in our tasks.


VTT Technical Research Centre


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is the biggest multitechnological applied research organisation in Northern Europe. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. 

From its wide knowledge base, VTT can combine different technologies, create new innovations and a substantial range of world class technologies and applied research services thus improving its clients' competitiveness and competence. Through its international scientific and technology network, VTT can produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, create business intelligence and value added to its stakeholders. 



PL 1000,
02044 VTT

Phone: 020 722 111
Fax: 020 722 7001


University of Tampere

The University of Tampere is a culturally-committed higher education institution with the social mission of educating visionaries who understand the world and change it.


The profile of the University of Tampere accentuates the university's multifaceted research and education on society and health.  

In its research, the University addresses the central issues in contemporary society. By providing critical knowledge and education, the university helps people and societies to improve their health and their cultural, social and economic well-being. 

Tampere, the home city of the University is the third biggest city in Finland.


Taipale Telematics Oy

Taipale Telematics is a Tampere-based company specialised in data collection, analysis and reporting.


We provide equipment and services which assist drivers in real time, monitor the use of the vehicle and support the driver's driving style. Our products, such as the driving management system SENSIOR™, improve safety in traffic and decrease traffic costs and environmental hazards. We operate in an extremely professional manner and our results are impressive.

Through close and customer-oriented collaboration, we have been able to assist many high-profile companies enhance the management of their driving. Our partners include Pohjola A-vakuutus, Vianor, L&T, Neste Oil, Veolia Transport Finland, Veolia Germany, Itella, Länsilinjat and EULEX Kosovo. Trust is created through results. Results are created through action.

Phone: 010 3244 950

Swarco Finland

Swarco Finland Oy


The Better Way. Every Day.


You encounter us every day on the roads of our planet. Our products, systems, services and turnkey solutions make travel safe and convenient for people on the move. In the spirit of SWARCO founder Manfred Swarovski we pride ourselves in being agile, innovative, reliable and trustworthy; and will not hesitate to go the extra mile for you.


The traffic technology group SWARCO – headquartered in Wattens near Innsbruck, Austria – has an international network of production facilities, offices, and partners across the globe. Together, we offer one of the most complete solution portfolios for road marking, signage, urban traffic management, parking, highway and tunnel management, public transport, and street lighting. We connect vehicles with the road infrastructure, help in setting up charging infrastructure to boost electro-mobility, and offer modular and holistic solutions that support tomorrow’s mobility and make our communities more livable.


SWARCO’s 5,300 transportation experts look forward to collaborating with you

to craft a solution to meet your individual requirements.

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Finnish Road Association

Finnish Road Association is expert on topics regarding roads and traffic.


The association has been working already since 1917. The main goals of the association are to raise awareness about the meaning of roads and traffic businesses and for Finland's competitiveness and wellbeing.

With active collaboration and influencing, the association tries to ensure both funding and intellectual capital of the transportation industry. The association is leading expert of the private road matters in Finland, and it organizes several events which bring people of the transportation industry together.


The office of Finnish Road Association is located at Lassila, Helsinki.

Sentnerikuja 2, 00440 Helsinki
(PL 55, 00441 Helsinki)

Tel. 020 786 1000 (8am-15pm)