Oulun Energia Urakointi ry

Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy is a company, which builds and offers services regarding electricity, phone networks, streetlights, and smart transportation as contract work. 


Revenue of the company was about 20 million euros during 2015 and it employes approximately 100 employees. There's also a special department for smart mobility in the company, which focuses on building, planning, and maintaining services for smart traffic infrastructures.   

More information about Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy is available in finnish at  https://www.oulunenergia.fi/urakointi. 

Liikennevirta Oy

Liikennevirta Oy


Virta is a technology platform, which enables providing services of energy and vehicles for consumers. Virta serves customers in eight countries, using it's own profile in France and Finland, and by using the profile of local partners in other market areas.

Virta is the leading provider of recharging stations for electric cars in Finland. Virta doesn't own its stations, but it offers a digital service layer to the actual owners of the stations.

More information in Finnish at https://www.virta.global/fi/mika-virta.

Kapsch TrafficCom AB

Kapsch TrafficCom covers, with end-to-end solutions, the entire value creation chain of its customers as a one stop shop, from components and design to the installation and operation of systems.


Kapsch TrafficCom is a provider of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in the application fields of road user charging, urban access and parking, road safety enforcement, commercial vehicle operations, electronic vehicle registration, traffic management, mobility as a service (MaaS) and V2X cooperative systems. 

The solutions of Kapsch TrafficCom help to finance infrastructure, to increase traffic safety, to optimize traffic flow, and to reduce environmental pollution from traffic. The core business has traditionally been to design, build and operate electronic toll collection systems for multi-lane free flow traffic, but has now expanded into many other areas of ITS  

References in 44 countries on all continents make Kapsch TrafficCom a recognized supplier worldwide. As part of the Kapsch Group, a family-owned Austrian technology group founded in 1892, Kapsch TrafficCom, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, has subsidiaries and representative offices in 33 countries, has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange (KTCG) since 2007, and generated with more than 4,800 employees revenues of EUR 649 million in fiscal year 2016/17. 

See more at our website: https://www.kapsch.net.


Indagon Oy

Indagon develops, produces and sells high accuracy GPS-based positioning terminals, systems and applications.


Indagon's positioning service customers in Finland cover multiple industries such as security, public transportation, logistics and maintenance. Internationally the company is active as a positioning system supplier together with its partners. Indagon is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Please read more information and see our contacts from our own website.

City of Helsinki

Helsinki is Finland’s largest business and population hub. Most of Finland's growth companies and corporate headquarters are located in Helsinki. The city’s goal is to promote its functionality, attractiveness and sustainable growth, and to find solutions to globally and regionally significant challenges.

Companies can develop smart mobility and logistics solutions in the testbed activities of the city. These activities are also a method for companies to receive Finnish market references. Visit the Mobility Lab Helsinki website for project results and to learn more about development and piloting opportunities for smart mobility.

The Urban Environment Division is responsible for the development of transport in the City of Helsinki together with other stakeholders. The urban environment division handles traffic planning, traffic management and parking. The Economic Development Department represents the city in ITS Finland. Department´s goal is to ensure that the business perspective is taken into account in transport and land use decisions and in national and EU policies. The department promotes business-friendly piloting of mobility solutions.

Several other stakeholders also work towards improving transport in the city. These include f.ex Stara (road maintenance work and logistics), Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd (rail (rail and ferry traffic) and the City's innovation company Forum Virium Helsinki (RDI projects and digitalisation). Helsinki Partners, in turn, helps foreign companies invest in and relocate to Helsinki.

Fortum Oyj

Fortum is a leading clean-energy company developing and offering solutions for our customers in electricity, heating, cooling and e-mobility.


Our mission is to engage our customers and society to drive the change towards a cleaner world. Our role is to accelerate this change by reshaping the energy system, improving resource efficiency and providing smart solutions for our customers. We believe the ongoing integration of energy and transportation systems creates new sustainable business and co-operation opportunities.

More information from Fortum's own website.


Finnpilot Pilotage Oy

Finnpilot Pilotage Oy ensures safe and easy seafaring.


Finnpilot Pilotage Oy works with seafare and preventing environmental disasters. We employ more than 300 piloting professionals in Finland. We pilot 25 000 times in a year, serving 32% of all the seafare in Finnish harbors in more than 1000 passages. We ensure safe and high quality transportations for our customers, and our goal is to be internationally recognised company which brings piloting to the modern times.



Kansakoulukuja 3, 4. kerros
00100 Helsinki Finland

PL 520,
00101 Helsinki Finland

Phone: 029 52 53000
Fax: 029 52 53001
Email: info(at)finnpilot.fi

Finnpark Oy

Finnpark represents international top expertise in parking-related business activities.


The group has over 40 years of experience in building, developing, and maintaining parking facilities. Finnpark has been strongly involved in developing parking management systems for over 20 years. Constantly developing its operations, the Group has a strong stand at the peak of the branch. 

Customer Service:
(03) 387 800

More information about us:


Dynniq Finland Oy

Dynniq is a leading supplier of intelligent transport systems as well as public lighting in Finland and internationally. We are part of Dynniq Group, an international corporation that is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of smart mobility solutions.


We utilise the broad expertise and experience of the whole Dynniq Group to benefit our customers. Dynniq has offices in Netherlands, UK, Croatia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. 

We are a dynamic, high-tech innovative company focused on understanding our clients’ needs. We are committed to providing high quality, sustainable and cost-effective smart mobility and public lighting solutions across transport infrastructure. 

Operating at the leading edge of a transport community that is rapidly changing; we harness technology to improve how people travel - safely, reliably and within a sustainable environment. 

Dynniq Finland supports clients through the design, engineering, integration and maintenance of transport technology. Our experience and expertise across transport and telecommunications infrastructure enables clients to optimise solutions, minimise investment and reduce costs. We are also able to meet the challenges of the entire life cycle by offering services from pre-planning to device deliveries and maintenance. 

Dynniq Finland operations cover the whole Finland and we have offices in Vantaa, Keminmaa, Jyväskylä and Loimaa. Dynniq Finland employs over 30 dedicated professions and Dynniq Group have 1800 employees working worldwide




CoReorient Oy develops services utilizing crowdsourcing


CoReorient Oy is a Finnish IT Cleanweb startup with great goals. The startup develops society to be more sustainable and efficient by helping citizens, the public sector as well as other businesses to improve their ways of working. 

Our innovation PiggyBaggy is a crowdsourced delivery service where people transport each other's packages along their daily commute. This saves money, time and the environment. 

In addition to PiggyBaggy, CoReorient Oy also develops other services utilizing crowdsourcing. In addition to this, the company builds mutually beneficial forms of cooperation where decisions and made jointly and by supporting each other. The name " CoReorient " consists of English words co-re-orient , which means the changing of one's attitude together. 


Contact us:
Vanha talvitie 10 G
00580 Helsinki
+358 50 4836388