TTS Work Efficiency Institute is a nationwide development, training and research organisation.


Annually over 100 research and development projects are being carried out and around 10,000 students are being trained in various technical professions. Transport and logistics is our most important field of training.

We work in active cooperation with the companies to meet the requirements of today’s business life. We apply versatile learning environments, including being the first in Europe to introduce simulators in passenger and material logistics training. We use the simulators as a research tool in projects for developing solutions for smart mobility for heavy transport.

Together with the above mentioned our research and development activities are focussed on working methods, work safety and functionality. Our research and development work is highly practice oriented and user-centred. TTS is an active partner in international cooperation. TTS has 230 employees and a head office is Rajamäki in Nurmijärvi municipality. 

You can read more about us and our work in our website.