Traffic Management Finland Group – Safe and effortless transportation  


Traffic Management Finland is a government corporation, which operates under Finland’s Ministry of Transportation & Communications. The corporation has been founded 1.1.2019, and it employs approximately 1000 people around Finland.  

Traffic Management Finland offers and developes services for traffic control, ensuring safe, easy and responsible mobility. The services that it offers support the mobility of the people, business transportations, the operations of safety officials, and Finland’s competitiveness & wellbeing. Traffic Management Finland collects, manages and distributes information while creating opportunities for new businesses to sprout. It offers and developes new and progressive services and helps the traffic ecosystems to grow.   


Subsidiaries and their resposibilities: 

  • Finrail Oy is responsible of railway traffic and control  
  • Intelligent Traffic Management Finland Oy (ITM Finland) is responsible of road traffic and control 
  • Vessel Traffic Services Finland (VTS Finland) is responsible of seafaring 
  • Air Navigation Services Finland (ANS Finland) is responsibe of air traffic control  



  • Main offices: TMF, VTS Finland, ITM Finland ja FinrailPalkkatilanportti 1, 00240 Helsinki (same mailing adress) 
  • ANS Finland: For visitors: Lentäjäntie 1, B-rappu, 01530 Vantaa, Mail: PL 157, 01531 Vantaa. 


  • 029 450 7000 
  • ANS Finland: 020 4284 000