Helsinki, with already an excellent track record in Smart city evaluations, is strongly pushing forward with further development.

Facing the challenge of massive 25% growth over next 1-2 decades, Helsinki is committed to utilizing every benefit ITS can offer.  

Helsinki has established itself as a smart mobility thought leader and frontline piloting city with the help of agile experiments and new initiatives. Smart mobility pilots are easy to carry out in Helsinki, as the legislation enables versatile tests with autonomous devices irrespective of the mode of transport.

One of our key drivers is to be an enabler rather than service provider, a concept that is making steady progress even outside the scope of ITS services. This we are securing by providing open data & API’s, supporting the developer communities and fully deploying innovative procurement.

Being the most open city in the world by having all decision-making material freely available, we are pushing to provide the best ever realtime transportation information for the developers. And next on our agenda is to ensure we put our money where our mouth is and become the world-leader in Mobility-as-a-Service

More information about our work and policies can be found from our website.