Taipale Telematics is a Tampere-based company specialised in data collection, analysis and reporting.


We provide equipment and services which assist drivers in real time, monitor the use of the vehicle and support the driver’s driving style. Our products, such as the driving management system SENSIOR™, improve safety in traffic and decrease traffic costs and environmental hazards. We operate in an extremely professional manner and our results are impressive.

Through close and customer-oriented collaboration, we have been able to assist many high-profile companies enhance the management of their driving. Our partners include Pohjola A-vakuutus, Vianor, L&T, Neste Oil, Veolia Transport Finland, Veolia Germany, Itella, Länsilinjat and EULEX Kosovo. Trust is created through results. Results are created through action.

Phone: 010 3244 950
Email: info@sensior.fi