KEMPOWER – Your partner for electric charging.


Kempower Oy designes, creates and commercializes electric charging for tough environments in the changing world.

Kempower Oy is owned by Kemppi Group. Our main focus is on providing solutions and electric charging stations for vehicles, heavy traffic, machines, electric seafare, harbor machinery and construction business. We have total 70 years of experience about creating strong and lasting power supplies, and we do all our design and manufacturing in Finland.


We offer charging solutions for electric power transmission lines. Our solutions consist of machinery, software, and services.

Cars. Fixed and moveable DC -chagers –  from 25 kilowat to several hundreds of sataan kilowat.

Buses and commercial vehicles. Scaling power sources for the needs of public transportation.

Heavy machinery. Strong and lasting power sources for tough weathers and harsh conditions.

Electric seafare. Large scale rechargers for smoother transportation.

Construction. Cost-efficient chargers for changing needs.


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