A forum for smarter mobility

Intelligent Transportation Society of Finland – ITS Finland is a forum which brings together representatives from various areas of business, education, and government to work for the digitalisation of transportation and mobility.

ITS is an abbreviation of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services, which means that our goal is to utilise information and digitalisation to create new services and solutions that make transportation smoother, safer, and more sustainable.

ITS Finland is also active internationally, and we are a part of the National ITS Associations network.

Vision & Mission

The challenges in our transportation system can only be solved through collaboration.

Our cornerstones are sustainability and the needs of the end user.

Our vision is a more sustainable and user-centric approach to transportation systems that enables smoother living and more efficient business while also creating growth and competitiveness for Finland and Finnish operators.

Our mission is to work towards wider deployment of smart traffic solutions, digitalisation of transportation, and services as part of transportation in order to make transportation safer, smoother and more efficient and sustainable. We are also working towards creating new innovations, companies, jobs and business opportunities in the sector in Finland.

Our operations are founded on open collaboration, activeness, and expertise.

The network for the future of mobility

ITS Finland helps develop digital and sustainable transportation system and user-centric transportation services in different forms by networking and communicating in Finland through its wide network of experts.

From non-smart carbon-based transportation to smart carbon-free transportation

Part of our work at ITS Finland is participating actively in society and improving the conditions for business in the sector. We communicate about the innovations and effects of smart transportation, organise seminars about the topic, and sit on various committees dedicated to developing the field.

We also maintain and use an international contact network and contribute to global collaboration between different countries.

ITS Finland is a non-profit organisation, which was founded in 2006.

Check out further introduction of ITS Finland’s goals and priorities from our strategy for 2022.

Mobility for Growth

The main aim of the National Growth Programme for the Transport Sector is the promotion of the transport sector’s business-driven growth as a collaboration with the public and private sectors.

The National Growth Programme for the Transport Sector has been prepared for the years 2018–2022. This Programme defines common visions for the development of the transport and mobility industry, an outlook of the current situation, a roadmap of future needs and investments, and also global business opportunities.

Electric mobility, automation, and the growth of services and digitalisation affect every actor in the transport industry, while also changing the traditional ways of doing business. These effects can be seen in the investment needs of the state and municipalities, in business, and also increasingly in the daily lives of people who spend time in traffic.

The measures under the Growth Programme rely on a combination of enabling legislation, proactive research and the diverse skills and expertise of innovative companies. Renewal and modernisation in cities are to be promoted by enabling market experimentation and pilots and by stepping up the scaling of good solutions through procurement. The introduction of new innovations and the growth in business ecosystems are to be promoted through the development of the availability and quality of information, carefully channelled RDI funding, and support for the assembly and orchestration of business-driven ecosystems. The internationalisation of companies and the Invest in venture are to be encouraged through the strengthening of Finland’s internationally recognised reputation as a forerunner in the field of transport and through the promotion of internationalisation activities.

This Programme is under the supervision of Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, and ITS Finland is coordinating its execution.

You will find the full programme here.


As a member of ITS Finland you will stay updated on the latest news in the industry and be a part of the development of the transportation industry

When you join our network, you will be able to easily network with various representatives from Finland and abroad. You will also see how decisions are made at the national level, get the latest information about industry developments, and take part in different projects.

Membership fees 2020:

  • Actual membership or key partnership 12,390 €
  • Network membership 3,780 € for public administrations
  • Network membership 3,780 €, when revenue* is over 25M€
  • Network membership 1,890 €, when revenue* is 2–25M€
  • Network membership 630 €, when revenue* is under 2M€
  • Network membership 630 € for universities and colleges
  • *revenue from previous year

The organisation is open to all the new members who support our cause. To become a member, you must send a written free-form application to our executive director (for example, via email).


ITS Network

Making a difference via global networking

Finlandis is known globally as one of the pioneers of smart mobility and especially the idea of transportation as a service. ITS Finland is active in promoting Finland and creating global networks.

National ITS Associations (NITS) operates as a European network between the ITS organizations in different counties. NITS was founded in 2004 and it is managed by its European umbrella organisation ERTICO – ITS Europe. This network currently includes 27 ITS organisations across Europe. ITS Finland has a representative in the coordination committee of NITS

ITS Finland works especially closely with other Nordic ITS organizations and the Estonian ITS organization to create an integral market for smart mobility and to create a Nordic brand for smart and clean transportation.

In addition to European organisations, ITS Finland collaborates globally with different partners and is an active participant in the ITS European and World Congresses.


The chairman of our board is Karri Salminen from CGI. The board members are representatives from our actual members and network members. Additionally, our key partners have a right to attend board meetings without the right to vote. The representatives for 2022 are:

Julia Heiskanen
Kimmo Palletvuori (deputy)

Aapo Anderson
Janne Lautanala (deputy)

Ossi Berg
Sini Puntanen (deputy)

Vesa Kurki
Jaakko Nuottokari (deputy)

Kimmo Ylisiurunen

Antti Mustaniemi (deputy)

Börje Nummelin
Henrik Hultin (deputy)

Jouni Sintonen
Tapio Levä (deputy)

Esa Järvinen
Christian Sundell (deputy)

Ari Aalto
Raine Hautala (deputy)

Jaakko Nousiainen
Maija Koskela (deputy)

Eemil Rauma
Heikki Liimatainen (deputy)

Aki Marjasvaara
Erik Kanerva (deputy)

Kaisa Saario
Sonja Malin (deputy)

Juha Inkiläinen
Jaana Hyvärinen (deputy)

Juha Lehtonen
Jussi Kiuru (deputy)

Esko Mertsalmi
Jukka Lepistö (deputy)

Sampo Ropponen
Harri Santamala (deputy)

Mika Rajanen
Ida Schauman (deputy)

Atte Riihelä

Antti Paasilehto (deputy)

Mika Kulmala
Ari Vandell (deputy)

Risto Murto

Jari Myllärinen (deputy)


Marko Forsblom

+358 40 514 5100

I have been working in the fascinating world of mobility in four decades. I believe in a big vision and small steps towards it. I’m motivated by building a sustainable future for my four kids.

Alex Gyllenbögel

Alex Gyllenbögel

+358 40 500 2070

Smart solutions will allow a better future for free movement.
I want to help businesses and the public sector network, find partners and reach new customers.

Karri Salminen

Chairman of the Board
+358 40 544 5151

Digitalization of transport offers us a possibility to build a sustainable growth sector that benefits all of us.

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